Hildegard and Healing

HILDEGARD AND HEALING is a new project of vocal group PUTNI and soprano CRISTI CATT (USA), which will be presented in concerts from 10 to 23 June in Latvia and Sweden.

The centerpiece of the collaboration is medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen’s vocal masterpiece Ordo Virtutum, a tale of healing with a universal message that continues to ring true. Her heroine, Anima, represents us all. Anima has many meanings: soul, breath, life force, femininity and - in Jungian psychology - the inner self which is in communication with the unconscious. Hildegard’s Anima is in crisis and turns to the Virtues for solace and strength. The Virtues are some of the earliest known women superheroes. They respond with courage and grace, coming to her side as she finds the strength to fight for herself.

In this program there will be performed also works of other composers from Europe and USA, which explore the collaboration of music and healing and continue Hidegard's universal ideals (D. Lang, M. Jansson, V. Lann, P. van Ness, G. Pelēcis etc.).

Together with PUTNI in this program you will meet Cristi Catt (USA), a classically trained singer who specializes in mixing contemporary, world, and early vocal music, a founding member of the internationally renowned vocal ensemble Tapestry, as well as Anda Eglīte (Latvia), who will play Latvian traditional instrument kokle, and Anna Gustavsson (Sweden) with her nyckelharpa, a traditional Swedish musical instrument.

The project is a part of the Introvert Art Festival AD LUCEM.

June 10 18:00, St. John's Church in Piņķi (Latvia)
June 11 16:00, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lestene (Latvia)
June 12 17:00, St. John's Church in Cēsis (Latvia)
June 13 19:00, St. Savior's Church in Riga (Latvia)
June 21 19:00, Skå kyrka (Sweden)
June 22 18:00, Öregrund kyrka (Sweden)
June 23 19:30, Sofia Kyrka (Sweden)