Vocal group PUTNI

The vocal group PUTNI (BIRDS) was established in 1993 in Riga by eight singers from the leading professional choirs in Latvia. The women's vocal ensemble is revered for their beautiful tone and adventurous programming and has received wide acclaim for their concerts in Latvia, Europe, Australia, Japan and the United States.

The group has won numerous prizes including the Grand Prix in five international competitions. Their programming weaves together traditional Latvian music, new compositions by Latvian and foreign composers, music of classical and early music composers, and elements of jazz and rock music. Since its founding, group have premiered over 100 new pieces by Latvian and foreign composers and recorded seven CDs.


Antra Drege is the founder and director of PUTNI. She is known as a leader in her field as a performer, director, innovator and collaborator with a wide range of artists throughout the world.

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World Premiers

Since 1993 the vocal group PUTNI have collaborated with many Latvian and foreign composers and have world-premiered over 100 compositions.

List of works


Excellent vocal and disclosure of compositional bouquet in a beautiful artistic performance...

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