Cultural association SPEKTRS

Cultural association Spektrs was founded in 2005. Spektrs is a structure for the development of projects together with a select group of independent professional artists (musicians, choreographs, actors, poets) in Latvia. Through co-operations and co-productions the main aim is to strengthen the position of the artform in relation to public space, audience encounters and modes of production.

Spektrs has experience of international projects, mainly related with activities of professional vocal ensemble Putni and Puppet Theatre Maska, touring regularly in France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Scandinavian countries and Australia as well as initiating collaborations with artists from different countries in Europe. Besides professional networks important field is musical education realized through different activities - courses, lessons, concert-lectures and masterclasses for children and adults. 

Management of the Vocal group PUTNI

Since 2006, the association has been administering the activities of the professional vocal group PUTNI, consistently realizing its main task - to create a platform for the cooperation of independent professional artists in various cultural sectors both in Latvia and abroad, thus promoting the exchange of experience and the implementation of innovative projects, as well as the expansion of cultural events in the Kurzeme region.


Foto: Jānis Deinats

Liepaja HAMMOND organ restoration

Liepāja HAMMOND is a unique instrument, one of the rare examples of this brand, which was produced before the Second World War in Latvia - at the State Electrotechnical Factory (VEF) with a special design by the artist Ādolfs Irbīte. Only three organs made in Riga have survived to this day. Since 2022, the Liepaja HAMMOND restoration has been underway.



Educational projects

The association also pays a lot of attention to the work of music education. Since 2007, attracting experienced music educators, SPEKTRS has been implementing the project THE DEVELOPING PIANO PLAYING, within which both children and adults have the opportunity to improve their piano playing skills according to their previously acquired knowledge and abilities. In the MUSIC AGAINST ASTHMA educational program, recorder, saxophone and other wind instrument playing lessons are available, where children can both develop their talent and receive the therapeutic effect of music. Experienced teacher and children's song composer Andris Eniņš works with the students. Twice a year - in the spring and at the end of the year, the association organizes charity concerts of course students in Liepāja and its immediate surroundings.

Large-scale events

The cultural association SPEKTRS has participated in the creation of almost all the largest cultural events on a Latvian scale - including the festivals French Spring, Surprising Latvia, Riga - 2014, the European Capital of Culture, the organization of individual events and events of the Nationwide Song and Dance Festival in 2008. Also, the association regularly cooperates with Latvian New Music Days, New Music Festival ARĒNA, Forum Wallis, Via Baltica, Liepāja and Riga City Councils and other municipalities.
Foto: Kaspars Garda

International projects

The experience of the association also includes international projects.