Hildegard and Healing. Ordo Virtutum Reimagined

This retelling features excerpts from HILDEGARD VON BINGEN'S medieval music drama mixed with contemporary compositions, traditional Latvian and Swedish folk songs and improvisations.

Performers: PUTNI, Cristi CATT (soprano, USA), Anda EGLĪTE (kokle) and Anna GUSTAVSSON (nyckelharpa, Sweden)
Music by: Hildegard von Bingen, James Falzone, Georgs Pelēcis, Natālija Munda, Mårten Jansson, Arvo Pӓrt, Patricia Van Ness, David Lang, Vannessa Lann

Ordo Virtutum

Hildegard's ORDO VIRTUTUM is a tale of healing with a universal message that continues to ring true. Her heroine Anima represents us all. Anima has many meanings: soul, breath, life force, femininity and - in Jungian psychology - the inner self which is in communication with the unconscious.

Anima finds herself at a crossroad in her life and is tempted to slip into the shadows of darkness and despair. Anima is in crisis, and turns to the Virtues for solace and strength. The Virtues are some of the earliest known women superheroes. They are the hidden resources within us all, there to help as we face our fears, problems, obsessions, addictions, destructive behaviors...

"Cristi Catt has captured the spirit of Hildegard von Bingen with extraordinary insight."

Grammophone Magazine

Cristi Catt has a long-term goal to share the notation of Hildegard von Bingen with as many singers as possible. The beautiful notation is a language all its own that cannot be translated into modern notation.  Catt adapted and abridged Hildegard’s Ordo Virtutum as a teaching tool to allow opportunities for more singers to learn this notation. Seeing and responding to music represented in a different way can have a profound influence on the way someone relates to music. Catt discovered that singing Hildegard’s chant can free and expand the voice and wishes to share this experience with other singers.

Cristi Catt

CRISTI CATT is a singer and improviser who specializes in mixing contemporary, world, and early vocal music in thematic live concerts and recordings. She has performed throughout the U.S., Europe and South America, and is a founding member of the internationally renowned vocal ensemble Tapestry, winners of Chamber Music American’s Recording of the Year. Her interest in the meeting points between medieval and world traditions has led to research grants to Portugal and southern France, and performances with French folk band, Le Bon Vent, Balmus and HourGlass. Early music performances include Ensemble PAN, Revels, and Boston Camerata. She performed Steve Reich’s Tehillim with the Colorado Symphony and Cabrillo Festival Orchestra conducted by Marin Alsop, as well as at Jordan Hall conducted by Steven Drury.


Anna Gustavsson

ANNA GUSTAVSSON is a versatile nyckelharpa player who is comfortable in everything from playing for dancing in dance barns in Sweden to perform on international competitions in Kazakhstan. To meet different cultures, genres and expressions, mixing tradition with improvisation and composition are things she enjoys and values. Anna performs in many different projects with international musicians in different traditions and genres. In addition to playing, she also teaches Swedish folk music for ensembles of different sizes, with different instruments and experience. Anna is passionate about sharing her knowledge about nyckelharpa and teaching Swedish folk music in a creative way, while also being interested in learning and exchanging knowledge with other cultures.



The vocal group PUTNI (BIRDS) was established in 1993 in Riga by eight singers from the leading professional choirs in Latvia. The women's vocal ensemble is revered for their beautiful tone and adventurous programming and has received wide acclaim for their concerts in Latvia, Europe, Australia, Japan and the United States.

The group has won numerous prizes including the Grand Prix in five international competitions. Their programming weaves together traditional Latvian music, new compositions by Latvian and foreign composers, music of classical and early music composers, and elements of jazz and rock music. Since its founding, group have premiered over 100 new pieces by Latvian and foreign composers and recorded seven CDs.